The Aging Brain 2.0

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There are 3 Continuing Education Units included with this course.

This course will equip students to understand the brain throughout the lifespan and make choices to protect the brain from the ravages of time. This course examines the evidence-based lifestyle and non-pharmacological interventions that will protect the brain and diminish the risk of dementia. As people age, the brain changes, but people are not doomed to lose memories and become senile.

Course Lessons:

TAB 101: The Problem of Aging

Tim Jennings, M.D., DFAPA

This lecture explores the definition of aging and the impact our mindset, worldview, and mental stress has on aging and dementia risk. Participants will learn how the choices made in life can either accelerate loss or retain abilities.


TAB 102: Lifestyle and Aging

Tim Jennings, M.D., DFAPA

In this lecture, students will examine the factors that contribute to obesity, the impact of obesity on brain health. Dr. Jennings will examine exercise, fasting, sleep, mental rest, and getting back to nature and how each of these can slow the aging process and decrease dementia risk.


TAB 103: Dementia

Tim Jennings, M.D., DFAPA

This presentation examines the brain changes that occur in Alzheimer’s Disorder (AD) and demonstrate how the various factors previously discussed contribute to the development of AD. This lecture will also discuss how lifestyle choices can prevent this destructive cascade.

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