Change Your Brain, Change Your Life



In this course, world-renowned brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen unpacks practical ways to incorporate brain health into your daily life. This course dives deep into the different areas of the brain, exploring the function of each part of the brain and how different nutritional and lifestyle interventions can help build a healthier, happier brain and a healthier, happier life.

Course Lessons

  • CYB 101: 12 Principles to Change Your Brain and Everything in Your Life
  • CYB 102: The Amen Clinics Method
  • CYB 103: Limbic System: Looking into Love and Depression
  • CYB 104: Basal Ganglia: Looking into Anxiety and Fear
  • CYB 105: Prefrontal Cortex and Cerebellum: Looking into Attention and Impulsivity
  • CYB 106: Anterior Cingulate Gyrus: Looking into Worry and Obsessiveness
  • CYB 107: Temporal Lobes: Looking into Memory, Temper, and Mysticism
  • CYB 108: Subtyping ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and Obesity
  • CYB 109: The Brain in Relationships
  • CYB 110: Brain Healthy Nutrition and the Brain Gut Connection
  • CYB 111: Natural Ways to Heal the Brain
  • CYB 112: Amen Clinics Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction Program

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