CHDV 201: Child and Family Development: Raising Healthy Kids

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This course provides the foundational psychological and theological perspectives needed for understanding core child and family development stages and dynamics. Current trends, issues, and cultural norms are examined, as well as risk and protective factors that influence resiliency and coping mechanisms in children and teens.

Module 1:
CHDV 201-101: Welcome and Course Introduction
CHDV 201-102: Turn Your Heart Toward Home—Power in Parenting: A Father’s Look Back
CHDV 201-103: Family Development and Conceptualization of Family Functioning
CHDV 201-104: The Foundation of Society
CHDV 201-105: Pressures of Moms of Preschoolers
Module 2:
CHDV 201-201: Parenting with Love and Grace
CHDV 201-202: Love for a Lifetime I
CHDV 201-203: Love for a Lifetime II
CHDV 201-204: Love for a Lifetime III
CHDV 201-205: We’re in this Boat Together
CHDV 201-206: Keys to a Healthy Marriage
Module 3:
CHDV 201-301: Depression in Children and Adolescents
CHDV 201-302: Emotion Coaching Teenagers for Cognitive and Moral Development
CHDV 201-303: Diffusing the Teenage Time Bomb
CHDV 201-304: Lost in Space: The Teen Years
Module 4:
CHDV 201-401: Building a Safe Haven in Marriage
CHDV 201-402: The Spiritual Training of Children I
CHDV 201-403: The Spiritual Training of Children II
CHDV 201-404: Growing Up with Values
CHDV 201-405: Simple Kindness
Module 5:
CHDV 201-501: The Satisfaction of Raising Children
CHDV 201-502: Gender Roles and the Power of Receiving the Blessing
CHDV 201-503: How Dads Shape Kids
CHDV 201-504: Be There, Dad
Module 6:
CHDV 201-601: Childhood Development: An Attachment Perspective
CHDV 201-602: Creating Special Playtime with Your Children
CHDV 201-603: Communication in the Family
CHDV 201-604: Talking About Self-esteem
Module 7:
CHDV 201-701: Teaching Biblical Values to a New Generation
CHDV 201-702: Parenting 101: From Discipline to Sexuality I
CHDV 201-702: Parenting 101: From Discipline to Sexuality II
CHDV 201-703: Moms and Sons
CHDV 201-704: Good Family Man
Module 8:
CHDV 201-801: Maintaining Health and Wellness in a Stressful Digital World
CHDV 201-802: The Broken Family Epidemic
CHDV 201-803: Forgiveness