Childhood Attachment, Stress, and Trauma 2.0

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This course will help equip you to encourage children suffering from relationship wounds, recover from trauma, and cope with stress throughout life. Learn assessment tips, diagnostic tools, and treatment strategies when dealing with children suffering from anxiety and traumatic events.


Course Lessons

  • CAS 101: Childhood Attachment: Relationship Wounds, Styles, and Interventions. When children experience trauma—whether emotional, physical, relational or any other type—it can influence how they view others and the world around them. Children want to know if they are safe, and emotional wounds negate that feeling of safety. In this presentation, Dr. Straub will unpack the attachment styles and guide viewers through ways to help children who have undergone trauma.
  • CAS 102: The Effect of Trauma on Childhood Development. Science has revealed that emotional trauma changes brain functioning at the place where the “emotional brain” and “survival brain” meet. This presentation examines recent brain research, emotional trauma in childhood, the effects on the developing person, and long-term psychological risks. Dr. Lord discusses relevant brain structures and the relationship of early childhood emotional trauma on the developing brain, personality, and relationships.
  • CAS 103: Child and Adolescent Stress and Trauma: Assessment and Diagnosis. Stress and trauma affect everyone differently, but traumatic events particularly impact children. Depending on their developmental stage, children need different responses from counselors and caregivers. Dr. Robinson will take viewers through stress and trauma in childhood and provide assessment tips, diagnostic tools, and treatment strategies.