Competent Christian Counseling

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by Dr. Timothy Clinton and George Ohlschlager

Under the guidance of the highly respected American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), more than 40 leading Christian professionals have come together to provide this comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date reference guide for professional and lay counselors, pastors, and leaders in training.

Competent Christian Counseling offers you:

  • The best contributions on spiritual formation and pastoral care from Scripture as well as from giants of church history
  • The latest research, theory, and successful practice methods in Christian counseling
  • A practical, 21st century model of Christian counseling that is not only counselor friendly, but also facilitates effective, biblical client change--all geared to help people mature in the ways and wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Competent Christian Counseling, edited by Timothy Clinton and George Ohlschlager, is destined to be regarded for years to come as the authoritative, trustworthy resource for Christian counseling.