CHDV 205: Developmental Lifespan

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This course integrates the practical knowledge of child development experts, the physiological science of human development, and the enlightening wisdom of counselors to instruct learning participants on the human lifespan. Presenters share relevant personal experiences to provide realistic expectations related to raising children. The course is divided by stages of development, as well as gender, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of human life.

Module 1:
CHDV 205-101: Welcome and Introduction
CHDV 205-102: Helping Others Find Significance in Life
CHDV 205-103: Building a Family Legacy: Your Legacy
CHDV 205-104: Safe Harbor for Children
CHDV 205-105: Time with Children
Module 2:
CHDV 205-201: Building a Family Legacy #2: Wanting To Believe
CHDV 205-202: Teaching Girls to be Ladies
CHDV 205-203: Parenting Newborns and Those Early Years I
CHDV 205-204: Parenting Newborns and Those Early Years II
CHDV 205-205: While They’re Young
CHDV 205-206: Terrible Twos
Module 3:
CHDV 205-301: Building a Family Legacy #3: Bringing Up Boys
CHDV 205-302: Bringing Up Girls: Puberty to Adolescence I
CHDV 205-303: Bringing Up Girls: Puberty to Adolescence II
CHDV 205-304: Teaching Children to Work
CHDV 205-305: Challenge the Chief
Module 4:
CHDV 205-401: Building a Family Legacy #4: Bringing up Girls
CHDV 205-402: Adolescent Identity Development and Self-Esteem
CHDV 205-403: Brain Development: The Neurobiology of Youth
CHDV 205-404: Building Character at Home
CHDV 205-405: Actions Lead to Consequences
Module 5:
CHDV 205-501: Building a Family Legacy #5: The Strong Willed Child
CHDV 205-502: The Unique Challenges of Raising Girls
CHDV 205-503: Doing What’s Right
CHDV 205-504: Growing Up Early and Late
Module 6:
CHDV 205-601: Building a Family Legacy #7: Straight Talk to Men
CHDV 205-602: The Unique Challenge of Raising Boys
CHDV 205-603: Boys and Puberty I
CHDV 205-604: Boys and Puberty II
CHDV 205-604: Bringing Up Boys
CHDV 205-605: Power Transfer
Module 7:
CHDV 205-701: Building a Family Legacy #7: Dare to Discipline
CHDV 205-702: God Attachment: Building Spiritual Maturity in Today’s Teens
CHDV 205-703: Stress and the Human Body
CHDV 205-704: The Need for Self-respect
Module 8:
CHDV 205-801: Building a Family Legacy #8: Love for a Lifetime
CHDV 205-802: Greg Laurie Interviews Dr. James Dobson
CHDV 205-803: This Old House
CHDV 205-804: Caring for Elderly Parents