Dr. John Trent’s Relationship Coaching 201

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How many times have you heard, “My dad/mom didn’t know how to show me their love or never gave me the blessing?” What a tragedy! Research shows that for every negative, critical or hurtful thing people hear about themselves, the average person needs 17 “positives” before they perceive balance again. Imagine how buried in negativity and despair many have become! Our mission is to change all of that, one child, one family, one leader, one work environment, and one church at a time. As you study, each lesson will help you apply the blessing in each phase of everyday life. What’s more, earn a Light University Certificate of Completion when you successfully complete the course, and also qualify to become a certified “Relationship Coach” through the prestigious International Board of Christian Life Coaching.

This course is designed to help caregivers, coaches, and counselors to create a culture of blessing with others. Dr. Trent and Dr. Wheeler discuss a wide variety of areas where it is important to foster the blessing.