Healthy Sexuality 2.0

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This course educates people about God’s design for sexuality, and helps restore wholeness for those who have been broken in their sexuality. Healthy Sexuality 2.0 will equip counselors and caregivers to help restore a healthy view of God’s design for marriage and sexuality to those who are seeking truth and wholeness in a culture of sexual promiscuity and brokenness.


Course Lessons

HS 101: Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Foundation
Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.

Though sex has often been viewed as taboo by the Church, God created human sexuality to uniquely reflect His image. In this presentation, Dr. Rosenau discusses a biblical theology of God’s wonderful and incredible gift of sexuality, along with sharing some meaningful insights into the intimacy and creativity of the Trinity. Counseling strategies will be explored for helping clients develop sexual integrity, navigate and appreciate gender differences, heal past wounds, and develop a more passionate love life in marriage.

HS 102: Women and Sex: Freeing Women to Embrace Their Sexuality
Cliff Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, M.N.

Scripture, the measurements of our sexual responses, and what is understood about the brain and sex all confirm that women are designed with sexual intensity and the capacity to find fulfillment in their sexual relationships within their marriages. As counselors, it is important to help women affirm their sexuality. This role for counselors can make a difference in the lives of women, as well as couples, to help fulfill God’s design.

HS 103: Lust and Fantasy: Taking Every Thought Captive
Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

The Apostle Paul’s teaching states that believers are able to take their thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. Dr. Laaser addresses short-term behavioral strategies, as well as long-term spiritual and emotional growth that are necessary to achieve this goal. Understanding brain chemistry, the role of fantasy, and how they are messages from the soul are key components in this presentation.

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