Individual and Marriage & Family Issues

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Individual and Marriage and Family Issues is a Biblically-based, certificate program that features some of the best faculty in the world. It is designed to educate and equip a community of helpers within the church to offer careful, Biblical encouragement, direction, hope and personal growth to hurting people in a hurting world. Our goal is to help you understand the tough issues that people wrestle with today and use the Bible with confidence with those who need clear direction and could use some strong encouragement.


BCOU 301 Marriage: Keeping the Love Alive
Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

BCOU 302 Healthy sexuality: A Biblical Foundation
Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.

BCOU 303 Addiction and Recovery
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

BCOU 304 How Couples Lose at Love: Disaffection in Marriage
Tim Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT

BCOU 305 Hope-focused Marriage Counseling
Everett Worthington Jr., M.A., D.Min.

BCOU 306 Divorce Recovery: Starting Over Again
Tom Whiteman, Ph.D.



BCOU 401 Crisis Response and Intervention
Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.

BCOU 402 Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling Ministry
Jeanneane Maxon, Esq., J.D.

BCOU 403 Breaking Generational Patterns
David Stoop, Ph.D.

BCOU 404 Infidelity: Stabilizing after the Affair
David Carder, M.A.

BCOU 405 Pain and Suffering: Helping People in a Broken World
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

BCOU 406 Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction
Mark Laaser, Ph.D.