Love on the Rocks 2.0

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Love on the Rocks 2.0 is designed to unpack the relevant and critically important topic of marital conflict and emotional abuse. The warning signs are identified, while practical and biblical solutions are also offered for those who work with this population. Counselors will be equipped to help couples whose marriages are showing signs of extreme stress and are on the brink of fracturing.


Course Lessons

LOTR 101: Counseling Couples in Conflict: The Role of Relational Grace in Pastoral Counseling
Jim Sells, Ph.D.
The process of conflict resolution involves more than just resolving the dispute. It also includes the need for couples to develop two complimentary styles – trusting and trustworthiness. This presentation demonstrates how relational grace is seen as the transitional behavior that permits couples to shift from conflict patterns toward healthier and more satisfying marriages.


LOTR 102: Counseling Strategies that Work for the Emotionally Destructive Marriage, Part 1
Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.
The Bible cautions us about destructive relationship patterns and provides clear biblical guidelines to facilitate reconciliation when serious sin has been perpetrated. Reactive and controlling abuse take many forms, including rage, constant criticism, ridicule, demeaning another, coercion, accusations and more. These assaults on the emotions and well-being of the victim can have long-term effects and lead to other types of abuse. Leslie defines the nature of the problem in looking at destructive behaviors within a marriage.


LOTR 103: Counseling Strategies that Work for the Emotionally Destructive Marriage, Part 2
Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.
Change and healing begin with acknowledgement and humility on the part of the abuser, as well as a tangible and practical plan of action to restore the marriage. In this presentation, Leslie discusses a proven four-stage treatment model that addresses issues of sanity, sanity, stability and security, and leads to a lasting change of the heart and one’s habits.