Perfectionism 2.0

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In a culture of impossible standards, it is paramount that counselors be equipped to deal with the rampant perfectionism that is tearing clients apart. This course will help counselors provide guidance to clients dealing with an unhealthy drive towards perfectionism and instead direct them towards finding significance in God’s design.

PERF 101: Helping Others Find Significance in Life
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
This presentation explores four false beliefs that cripple many people from experiencing a more abundant life, the relationships God created them for, and especially the fear of failure and rejection. Dr. Scalise provides biblical insights on how we can help others uncover and change the core beliefs that fuel negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in the development of one’s identity, as well as understanding the differences between self-worth and God-worth in a person’s sense of significance.

PERF 102: The Pursuit of Excellence and the Perils of Perfectionism – Part 1
Richard Winter, M.D.
The cultural sirens of perfectionism frequently promise success and happiness if we can only be faultless in things like appearance, performance, or productivity. However, there is often a heavy price to pay when striving to achieve such high standards. Part 1 of this presentation examines the nature and dynamics of the construct, as well as the distinction between a healthy pursuit of excellence and unhealthy perfectionism.

PERF 103: The Pursuit of Excellence and the Perils of Perfectionism – Part 2
Richard Winter, M.D. Runtime: 38 minutes 40 seconds
In Part 2 of the presentation, Dr. Winter continues his discussion by exploring the roots of perfectionism and also offers some practical strategies that help promote health, healing, and wellbeing. Beliefs about reality, values, and a biblical worldview on the subject are also discussed and incorporated.

Continuing Education

3.0 CE Credits available for IBCC Credential Holders.

The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) offers some psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and play therapists Continuing Education (CE) credit due for good standing with certain states and a limited number of professional organizations. It remains the responsibility of each participant to be aware of state licensure and CE requirements. Participants should check their state and/or local regulations regarding required continuing education hours. For more information Light University Continuing Education programs, please visit: https://lightuniversity.com/continuing-education-statements/.

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