Recovery ALIVE! Guidebook: Launching a 12 Step Recovery Ministry that Raises Hope from the Dead!



The Recovery Alive! Guidebook will introduce you and your team to a proven spiritual strategy for connecting the lost and broken to the power, people and process of recovery. This resource gives clear instructions on how you can competently and compassionately engage and support those in your community suffering from depression, addiction, grief, anxiety, relationship issues and countless other struggles and soul-wounds.

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The Recovery Alive! Guidebook includes:

  • Landmarks of a healthy recovery program
  • The philosophy of Recovery ALIVE!
  • Objectives and boundaries of a healthy ministry
  • The 3 ministry models of Recovery ALIVE!, and their components
  • How to "Teach the Question"
  • How to write and present your recovery story
  • Recommended launch scenario and launch timeline
  • How to start and run People Groups
  • How to start and run Process Groups
  • People and Process Group Safety
  • Sponsors, accountability partners and sponsees

and many more tools for launching and growing a Recovery ALIVE! program.

Recovery Alive is exploding! It’s a movement anchored ultimately in the hope found in a relationship with God… I believe this kind of care and counsel ministry can change our broken and addicted world.”

Zach Clinton

Vice President, American Association of Christian Counselors