Spiritual Formation Coaching

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For many, faith and spirituality are an essential element in how to approach life, problems and relationships. Though spiritual formation coaching is still a growing area in the field, these experts challenge clients to apply faith-based principles and a Christian coaching orientation to their practice. The ways in which one may obtain spiritual fulfillment, develop a God-concept and apply spiritual disciplines are explained, as well as basic biblical truths which are sure to transform one’s coaching practice.

MLCSF 101: Introduction to Spiritual Formation Coaching

Spiritual formation coaching sets Christian coaches aside from other professional coaches. Though many may think that spiritual coaching is not a focus that they would be involved in, the speakers believe that spiritual coaching is evident in every form of Christian coaching that is practiced. In this course participants will take away many basic truths that can be applied to any area of coaching.

MLCSF 102: The Spiritual Life: Experiencing God in the Here and Now

There is great interest today in moving beyond studying and knowing about God to experiencing God and in living spiritually transformed lives. The way to spiritual fulfillment is the way of spiritual discipline—disciplines and practices that draw us closer to God—which are available to everyone, even ordinary people.

MLCSF 103: The Spiritual Disciplines: Helping Ordinary People Grow Spiritually

The key to spiritual growth, like any other goal or pursuit – academically, artistically, athletically – is discipline. To grow spiritually, every believer needs to be actively engaged in the spiritual disciplines. The reason more Christians do not practice them is because they often struggle with knowing what to do, which is the focus of these lessons. What kind of disciplines should be practiced? The kind that help believers draw closer to God.

MLCSF 104: The Image of God and Spiritual Formation Coaching

In order to thrive spiritually and relationally believers must first understand the value that God gave to the human race when He created man in His image. The original created roles of the first man and women will be discussed. Participants will be enlightened as they listen to Dr. Jenkins speak on how such a mysterious and unknown God reveals Himself to His creation. This lesson will challenge the listener to stop and consider how humans were affected by the fall, yet rescued by the Father.

MLCSF 105: Turn Your Life Around: Breaking Free From Your Past to a New You

The past holds many defining moments that can hold the power to negatively affect people if they allow it. This course will help participants understand how to move from a place of darkness to a place of light. It will also provide insight on how believers can be a part of the holy work of Christ by ministering to others who are hurting.

MLCSF 106: Why Relationships Matter: Connecting with God and Others

In this lesson, Dr. Straub lays the essential foundation of understanding God’s creation of man, God’s love, and one’s spiritual development. By understanding the deeper meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection, he further encourages coaches how to help others grow in loving God and others.

MLCSF 107: Living Beyond Your Circumstances

In this lesson, Joni Eareckson Tada teaches how to rise above circumstances. Paralyzed in a diving accident at seventeen, Joni has become an award-winning author, advocate, artist, speaker, radio host, role model, and inspiration to millions. Her positive message encourages and helps women minister to those who suffer in ways beyond the scope of their experience, but not beyond God’s love working through them.

MLCSF 108: Soul Coaching from the Proverbs

When a believer goes to heaven, his/her soul will be taken up to heaven. Dr Dwight Bain encourages soul coaches to stir up clients to broaden their mind, see themselves as God sees them, and reach their potential. While everyone has character flaws, living by God’s Word, particularly the wisdom found in Proverbs, we can live the life God has for us.

MLCSF 109: Transforming Fear into Faith

There are 366 verses in the Bible that tell believers not to be afraid. How are fears transformed into faith in God? In this course, studying from Abraham’s story, Dr. Nichols discusses three principles that help transform fear into faith. He teaches life coaches practical ways to help those who are running the race that God has set for them.

MLCSF 110: Developing a Rule for Life: Having a Well-ordered Heart.

It is said that Christians have well-ordered lives, or as Augustine said, well-ordered hearts. To grow spiritually, believers need to develop a rule of life or a pattern for their lives. This is a better word than ‘balance,’ which John says is not a big enough word for what Christians are called to do in this world. How can a believer live as Christians in the world? By doing everything in the name of Jesus (Colossians 3:17).

MLCSF 111: Secure in Christ: Set Free to Serve Others.

Before serving others, every believer must first have their basic needs met. This includes one’s spiritual needs. Learning from Jesus and Peter, Dr. Scalise explains that the secrets of servant leadership first incorporate the foundational principle of being completely secure in God. Then, there is the freedom to do whatever task God gives. This lecture helps coaches to assist others in finding security and freedom in Christ and to be equipped as true His servants.

MLCSF 112: Make the Call: Spiritual Power Through the Discipline of Prayer.

One of the most important and life-changing issues in spiritual formation is prayer. As a spiritual formation coach, it is essential for both coach and client to believe in the transforming power of prayer. In this lecture, Dr. Ken Nichols presents seven principles of prayer and suggests three types of calls (prayers) to God.