Stress and Trauma Care

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Every day we hear of a crisis or traumatic event that cripples the lives of people around us. Stress disorders are the most common mental health illnesses affecting nearly 40 million Americans annually. It’s also estimated that over seven million adults suffer with PTSD alone in any given year. Yet we also know that during times of hardship, people are most open to change. The American Association of Christian Counselors has partnered with Military Ministry (a Division of Campus Crusade for Christ) to produce this groundbreaking 30-hour counseling training program. Our desire is to equip, encourage, and empower you to make a difference in the lives of those suffering with stress and trauma (and their families). Don’t miss out on being a part of making a real impact on so many—especially the men and women returning home from war.

STC 101: Introduction to Crisis Counseling
STC 102: Grief, Loss, and Complicated Grief
STC 103: Trauma and Abuse
STC 104: Anxiety and Depression
STC 105: Trauma and Attachment
STC 106: Counseling Strategies Panel
STC 201: Impact Dynamics of Crisis and Trauma
STC 202: Methods and Techniques for Immediate Response
STC 203: Peer Support and Accountability
STC 204: Survivor Guilt and Fostering Resiliency
STC 205: Managing the High Cost of Care
STC 206: Community Response and Cultural Differences
STC 301: Signs and Symptoms of PTSD
STC 302: Risk Factors for PTSD
STC 303: Trauma and Addiction
STC 304: Suicide Assessment and Prevention
STC 305: Treatment Protocols
STC 306: The Journey from Trauma to Transformation
STC 401: War, Deadly Force, and the Bible
STC 402: The Realities of Military Service on the Service Member
STC 403: The Realities of Military Life for Families
STC 404: The Combat Trauma Spectrum
STC 405: Military Medical System, Veterans Medical System, and Related Issues
STC 406: Assessment and Treatment Protocols
STC 501: A Theology of Suffering
STC 502: The Role of the Chaplain
STC 503: The Role of the Family as a Platform for Spiritual Healing
STC 504: The Role of the Church and Para-Church
STC 505: The Role of the Counselor and the Community
STC 506: From Trauma to Transformation: A Team Approach