Teen Suicide

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Teen Suicide is designed to help counselors and caregivers who work with adolescents, specifically those who experiencing depression and suicidal ideation. Counselors will learn specific prevention techniques and current research on working with suicidal teens.

TNSU 101: The Dynamics of Suicide: What, Why, Who and How
TNSU 102: Choosing to Die: A Model of Understanding
TNSU 103: A Theology of Suicide: Biblical Principles and a Christian Response
TNSU 104: Mental Illness and the Epidemiology of Suicide
TNSU 105: The Changing Tide of Teen Suicide: Insights into a Screen-Saturated Generation
TNSU 106: Teen Suicide and Self-injury: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies
TNSU 107: Helping Teens in Crisis
TNSU 108: The Ethics of Suicide Intervention
TNSU 109: Suicide Prevention and Intervention with Adolescents
TNSU 110: Conducting a Suicide Assessment: Using the Safe-T Model
TNSU 111: Families in Crisis: The First 48 Hours Following Suicide
TNSU 112: Grieving a Suicide: Long-term Support for Survivors and Loved Ones