Jesus Christ came to set captives free.  All too often when humanity exercises its distorted view of freedom, it ends up making itself captive, rather than gaining freedom.  This captivity comes in the form of addictions.  In this course, the student will discover the practical and theological foundations for addictive behavior, and how to diagnose and treat addictions from a practical and biblical basis.

Course Materials

This course is organized into five modules. While there is no technical time limit to complete each module, the course was designed so that each module could easily be completed within a one-week time frame.

For each module, you will download the appropriate text file (for note taking); review the designated presentations for that module; then take a brief quiz over the content related to that module. The text files are located below and are in Adobe pdf format. The presentations are clearly organized into modules, which you can see in the title of each presentation. While you cannot see the quizzes, they will automatically become available to you once you finish the last presentation in each module.

You must score at least a 70% on each quiz in order to successfully complete the course and earn a certificate. If you have any questions or concerns while you are completing this course, please contact your Light University Online Coach.