The AACC is taking Life Recovery Coaching to the next level by developing an innovative, professional certificate and certification training program in partnership with two of America’s anchor voices and leading professionals, Steve Arterburn and David Stoop. Both are well-known for their Life Recovery Bible, which has now sold over 1.6 million copies. Our dynamic Life Recovery Coaching series will be anchored by three distinct courses focusing on a biblically-based application of the 12-Step model and Christian recovery principles. Whether you are a pastor, counselor, lay helper, or small group leader, do not miss this incredible resource to be equipped and more effectively serve those on the path to recovery.

This course is designed to introduce people to the 12 Steps of Life Recovery. These steps are foundational in helping people move from a life of addiction and pain to a life of freedom and wholeness. Counselors will learn how to help clients undergo the powerful profess of life recovery.


Course Text: Life Recovery Coaching 101