This course is organized into five lessons. While there is no technical time limit to complete the course, it was designed so that it could easily be completed within a one-week time frame.

You will begin by downloading the course text file, located below in Adobe pdf format – this will be a valuable place to take notes. You will then review the five lessons, taking a brief quiz at the completion of each one. The lessons are conveniently divided into five presentations, which you will be able to see once you click into the lesson, or, if you click expand all in the upper right corner of the content area. While you may not see the quizzes at first, they will automatically appear once you finish the last presentation in each lesson.

You must score at least a 70% on each quiz in order to successfully complete the course and earn a certificate. If you have any questions or concerns while you are completing this course, please contact your Light University Online Coach.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1: Caring for Hospice Patients and Their Families


Lesson 2: Creating and Utilizing a Spiritual Assessment


Lesson 3: The Chaplain Functioning as Part of an Interdisciplinary Team/Group


Lesson 4: Providing Transformational Care in Times of Grief and Loss


Lesson 5: Providing Pastoral Care in When Facing Moments of Trauma and Crisis