Clinical Depression: Evidence-based Counseling Treatment & Strategies

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Often glibly referred to as the common cold of mental health disorders, approximately one in five women and one in ten men will struggle with clinical depression. Most experts agree that those suffering from depression need more than just medication; they need therapy. Not just any therapy, but treatments specifically designed to target the core elements driving and maintaining it’s grip. This training, led by Drs. Gary Sibcy & Todd Vance, provide you with an evidence-based approach for effectively treating and managing clients with clinical depression.

Clinical Depression: Evidence-based Counseling Treatment & Strategies

EBCD 101 An Overview of Depression and the Status of Current Treatments

EBCD 102 The Depressed Patient: A Deeper Understanding of Depression

EBCD 103 Depression and Interpersonal Neurobiology

EBCD 104 Attachment, Internal Working Models, and Depression

EBCD 105 The Interpersonal Neurobiology Nature of Depression

EBCD 106 Evidence-based Strategies for Targeting Loss of Energy, Motivation, and Pleasure

EBCD 107 Evidence-based Strategies for Targeting Ruminative Patterns of Thinking and Worry

EBCD 108 Evidence-based Treatments Strategies for Depression Mood (Part 1)

EBCD 109 Evidence-based Strategies for Depression Mood (Part 2)

EBCD 110 Evidence-based Strategies for Depressed Mood with Role-play (Part 3)

EBCD 111 Evidence-based Strategies for Unresolved Grief

EBCD 112 Measure Progress and Change Throughout Counseling and Therapy

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