Crisis Management 2.0



There are 3 Continuing Education Units included with this course.

Crisis Management 2.0 offers counselors new additions to their counseling toolbox. Counselors will learn how crises and traumatic experiences impact individuals and what therapeutic and scriptural techniques can be used to deal with these hurting people.


Course Lessons

CM 101: Impact Dynamics of Crisis and Trauma
Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.
In this lesson, Jennifer Cisney Ellers will define psychological first aid in crisis intervention and discuss the impact of crisis and trauma on the individual in a broad context. Furthermore, students will become familiar with the various ways people battle symptoms. Students will learn the first steps regarding assessment tools and protocols in responding to someone in crisis and trauma situations.


CM 102: Counseling Strategies
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.; Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.; and Kevin Ellers, D.Min.
This lesson, led by an expert panel, will expose students to counseling strategies regarding trauma survivors. Dr. Scalise, Dr. Ellers, and Jennifer Cisney Ellers will explain different models of counseling that can be used with trauma survivors, indications and contraindications related to caregiving, the importance of a multidisciplinary intervention approach, and the need for support systems. Finally, the panel will discuss the recovery process with a biblical model of healing and restoration.


CM 103: Collateral Damage: Firestorms of Faith
Ken Nichols, Psy.D.
A life crisis varies in intensity and character. The impact of a life crisis ranges from disruptive to devastating. What often goes undetected and unnoticed by compassionate caregivers is the internal firestorm of faith. Almost without exception, a life crisis stirs up a potentially catastrophic crisis of faith.

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