Healthy Sexuality


Healthy Sexuality is a Distance Learning Certificate Program consisting of five-units of study—a total of 30, hour-long lectures. Throughout this course, we intend to educate people everywhere about God’s design for sexuality, to train couples, pastors, lay leaders, counselors and anyone else who wants to make a difference in society, and to restore to wholeness those who have been broken by sexual abuse and sin. This program offers the knowledge, skill, and encouragement needed to more effectively address the myriad of sexual issues and challenges we face today. Don’t just curse the darkness, light a candle and become part of the solution!

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The purpose of this course is to educate people everywhere about God’s design for sexuality, train couples, pastors, lay leaders, counselors and anyone else who wants to make a difference in society, and restore to wholeness of those who have been broken by sexual abuse and sin. As Healthy Sexuality helps with better understanding of this issue, counselors can learn how to “be there” for those who are struggling.

Continuing Education 

30.00 CE Credits available for IBCC Credential Holders.  

The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) offers some psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and play therapists Continuing Education (CE) credit due for good standing with certain states and a limited number of professional organizations. It remains the responsibility of each participant to be aware of state licensure and CE requirements. Participants should check their state and/or local regulations regarding required continuing education hours. For more information Light University Continuing Education programs, please visit:  

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Unit 1

Sexual Foundations

HS101: Redeeming Sexuality: Recovering God’s Plan for Our Lives
Presented by Arch Hart, Ph.D.

This course provides a panorama of sexual challenges that men and women are currently experiencing as well as the results of a national report on sexuality of Christian men and women. This vibrant and fascinating study enables students to gain a better understanding of the complexities and fundamental differences of male and female sexuality. Students will also discover the factors impacting a biblical perspective of male and female sexuality and marital intimacy, in contrast to cultural myths and distortions.

HS102: The Seven Desires: The Roots of Healthy Relationships
Presented by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

Examines how we were created for relationships and presents seven basic needs that men and women have. When life sours or love goes bad, we begin a search for false substitutes that we think will meet these needs, but don’t. Many times these substitutes will be sexual in nature and are as powerful and destructive as any other addiction. Dr. Laaser helps us understand how to overcome what fuels sexual sin so healthy choices can be made when meeting the needs of our heart.

HS103: God’s Great Idea: Toward a Theology of Sexuality
Presented by Ron Hawkins, D.Min, Ed.D.

Although attitudes toward sex vary widely, we must realize that God is in business of making beautiful things that we should not be ashamed of. Since God created sex and sex is discussed at length in the Bible, a theology of sex and human sexuality is needed to guide humanity in the truth about its nature and role in our lives.

HS104: Healthy (vs. Unhealthy) Sexual Development
Presented by Cliff Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, M.N.

One constant in life is ongoing change. Sexual development in the person and the marriage can proceed in healthy or unhealthy ways. As each individual properly develops, a deeper sexual and emotional intimacy will naturally follow as life progresses. The Penners’ intimately and respectfully show us how to advance this important concept in practical and God-honoring ways.

HS105: Male and Female : Understanding Gender and Sexual Response
Presented by Arch Hart, Ph.D., Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D. and Debra Taylor, M.A.

Scripture says God created both male and female—for a reason. There are major gender differences in sexual desire, arousal and response between male and female. Men are microwaves, quick to respond to sexual stimulus. Women are crockpots, a slow simmering of sexual feelings influenced by a variety of emotions. Hart, Weber, and Taylor outline male and female sexuality as it follows the response curve of sexual thinking, arousal, and pleasure.

HS106: Passionate Intimacy: Sexual Response During Love Making
Presented by Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.; Debra Taylor, M.A.; Chris McCluskey, MSW; and Michael Sytsma, Ph.D.

Students will be guided into a deeper understanding of sexual intimacy, as the scriptural concepts for male and female and one-flesh companions within the covenant of marriage are studied. How do we truly learn to “know” someone and be “naked and unashamed”? What natural aphrodisiacs promote playfulness and passion? What are the 5 spiritual disciplines that encourage passionate sexual intimacy? Why is it better to attend to the sexual desires of your mate? What is the “heart of the act” in making love for optimal sexual pleasure? Sex is a glorious gift from God with excitement and pleasures to be enjoyed by both marriage partners.

Unit 2

Sexual Enrichment

HS201: Sexuality: A Biblical Perspective
Presented by Tommy Nelson, M.A.

Sexuality is God’s idea — not man’s. When God created man and woman, He created sexual beings and He declared it “very good.” In the Bible, the Song of Solomon is a book of romance. It was God’s plan that sex should be enjoyed within the confines of marriage and with healthy attitudes. Learn why sex is good and why it is a gift from God.

HS202: The Spirit of the Act: “Having Sex” or “Making Love”?
Presented by Chris McCluskey, MSW

When it comes to sexual intimacy there is a world of difference between “having sex” and “making love.” This videotape presents a very practical model to help couples connect deeply and establish patterns that will enhance their intimacy and fulfillment throughout their years together. It weaves together the various threads of love that need to be integrated into a tapestry of a flourishing, life long marriage. The fruit of making that commitment is often the best sex and deepest love that one can have in a marriage.

HS203: Sexual Biology & Good Health
Presented by David Hager, M.D.

Sex is a biological act that is spiritual and relational at it’s core. Most teens and many adults are unaware of the biology of human sexuality. This video teaches you the biology of sex and the necessity of maintaining good health. It is packed full of wisdom including practical ideas on how to enhance energy and vitality for healthy relationships.

HS204: Battling Disorders of Desire
Presented by Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.; Chris McCluskey, MSW; and Michael Sytsma, Ph.D.

One of the more baffling ironies of living in our sex-saturated culture is the increase in disorders of sexual desire. You’ve heard the one liners — ”I’ve got a headache; You look tired tonight; Honey, I’m not in the mood.” Some reasons are physical but most are emotional and relational.This course examines various disorders of desire and shows how to reignite passion and develop more energy and connectedness.

HS205: Sex After 40: Menopause and Aging
Presented by Joseph Mayo, M.D. and Mary Ann Mayo, M.A.

The myth is that sex starts to fade after 40. The truth is that the best and most satisfying sex often happens in mid-life and can continue past 80. There are some caveats, however, as aging and medical ills do affect sexual performance and satisfaction. Discover the signs, symptoms, realistic expectations and what’s normal and what’s not in relationships after 40. And, learn how to use diet, medicine, exercise and herbal remedies to keep relationships vibrant and fulfilling across the seasons of life.

HS206: Sexual Healing: Breaking Free from Guilt, Shame & the Past
Presented by Russ Willingham

Guilt and shame are constant companions of a past with regret. This is especially true in the area of our sexuality. This lesson explains three types of shame and how to apply a double-edged sword of truth to each. The lesson also explores the five areas of sexual brokenness and how to break the power of shame in each one.

Unit 3

Sexual Challenges

HS301: Sex Education: Talking to Kids About Sex
Presented by Stan Jones, Ph.D.

Next to learning about God’s desire and design for intimacy as adults, there is no greater challenge than teaching sex education to our children. Dr. Jones traverses this slippery highway with grace and truth as he teaches us how to teach our children God’s good plan for healthy sexuality.

HS302: Teens and Sex: Taming the Drive
Presented by Chap Clark, Ph.D.

Jokes about the ‘raging hormones’ of teen-agers stop being so funny when the rage becomes centered in our own teens. One million pregnancies and over 2 million STD’s per year make teen sexuality no joke. Teen authority Chap Clark provides sensible and realistic ways to help us assist our teens in taming and managing their sex drive.

HS303: Single Sexuality
Presented by Sharon May, Ph.D.

Possibly the most neglected area of sexual concern in the church is that of sexuality for singles. Whether single by divorce, design, or death, sexual feelings and drives do not stop merely because one is unmarried. You will learn the issues and adjustments needed to live within the parameters established by God.

HS304: Infertility: When the Nest Is Empty
Presented by William Cutrer, M.D.

The apparent inability to conceive and have children is one of the most devastating realities that 1 in 6 couples face. This course first addresses positive ways to tackle the initial setback by looking into revolutionary medical advances. Secondly, if infertility can’t be overcome, you will be taught how to cope with and repair the challenges that come.

HS305: Maintaining Sexual Purity: Attraction and Boundaries
Presented by Ev Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.

Maintaining sexual purity is a challenge whether one is married or single. And it is not simply a matter of ‘just saying no’ and trying harder. Sexual purity is a freedom that fuels Godly intimacy, deep personal contentment, and sexual satisfaction at its highest. A challenging issue in everyday life, you will be given invaluable insights into maintaining sexual purity.

HS306: Sexual Harassment/Boundary Violations
Presented by Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

The kinds of sexual harassment and frequency of boundary violations that go in our culture is a serious relational, moral, and legal quandary. Based on the latest research and from case studies, you’ll learn about about this pervasive problem in the workplace, in church, and in professional relationships. You will be shown how to handle and deal with the boundary violations that are most frequently experienced.

Unit 4

Sexual Brokenness

HS401: Sexual Dysfunction: Restoring Pleasure to Your Relationship
Presented by Cliff Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, M.N.

Here is a paradoxical riddle: Why, in this age of sexual freedom, is there a rise in the number of persons reporting a wide range of sexual dysfunctions? In any given year, 60% of married couples report some kind of sexual dysfunction. Learn why and what to do about this serious problem through this course.

HS402: Every Man’s Battle: Pornography in Every Day Life
Presented by Steve Arterburn, M.A.

Every man must decide the standard by which to live. The world’s standard allows anything that two people agree on. Sometimes the church’s standard is to try harder and be good. God’s standard is holiness and a life free of any hint of sexual immorality. This course focuses on the battle with pornography and how to live according to God’s standard. It offers practical solutions on how to win the battle for sexual integrity.

HS403: Infidelity: Another “You” in the Marriage
Presented by David Carder, M.A.

Sexual unfaithfulness rends a marriage to the core, and is often the precursor to divorce. God hates divorce and divorce does not have to be the inevitable outcome. This course addresses the issues behind infidelity in a sensitive, seeking manner to give couples and helpers the information and encouragement needed to understand, deal with and overcome the betrayal.

HS404: Sexual Abuse/Rape/Sexual Assault
Presented by Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

The incidence of sexual abuse, rape, and assault are at all-time highs in society. And, as the Catholic crisis is revealing, the victims are not just female, although female victims outnumber men by nearly 10 to 1. Aiming to heal the hurts and stop the violence, Dr Langberg addresses this incendiary issue from prevention through restoration, a healing path that is possible in Christ.

HS405: Male Sexual Addiction
Presented by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

Sexual addiction is possibly the most common addiction among men, both within society and the church. The use of pornography for sexual gratification is running rampant. Dr Laaser gives us a tour-de-force journey into the cycle of sexual addiction, its core beliefs and the dimensions for prevention, treatment, and victory over this silent curse.

HS406: Female Sexual Addiction
Presented by Marnie Ferree, M.A.

The shame of being a woman who is sexually addicted is enormous. Unique issues and special challenges exist for this growing population. This course will provide a foundation for understanding female sexual addiction and for helping those searching for freedom. The presenter’s personal story of recovery from sex addiction will serve as a backdrop.

Unit 5

Controversial Issues

HS501: Restoring Marital Intimacy: After the Affair
Presented by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

Couples become enslaved to their past hurts, burning with anger, resentment and even bitterness. After the affair: can trust ever be restored again — is divorce inevitable? Through the miraculous power of Christ and with the constant oil of forgiveness, and the recurrent and necessary adjustments of reconciliation — a marriage can be restored and re-ignited. You will learn the dynamics of marital forgiveness and the essential lessons that are necessary for a lasting reconciliation.

HS502: Abortion: Finding New Life Among the Controversy & Confusion
Presented by Tim Clinton, Ed.D., LMFT

What is the state of modern abortion? What is the proper stance on this issue by the church? Is ‘post-abortion syndrome’ a hoax or a disorder that no one is doing much about? Dr. Clinton guides our understanding and resolution of these difficult questions.

HS503: Homosexuality: What We Know from the Bible Science
Presented by Stan Jones, Ph.D.

Is homosexuality a chosen act or a drive you are born with? Why has it created such controversy in society and in the church? What if one of my children came out and said: I’m gay? Dr. Jones addresses these and other crucial issues from both The Scriptures and the findings of science, offering strategies to bring about healing, hope and restoration.

HS504: Homosexuality: The Healing Journey and Personal Stories of Redemption
Presented by Mark Yarhouse, Psy.D.

Against the pro-gay ideology that no one can change their sexual orientation and that healing from it is a cruel conservative joke, stand the testimonies of many who have walked away and into new lives. Gain an understanding of the factors that contribute to same-sex behavior and several practical strategies that are life changing, a journey that is possible in Christ.

HS505: Facing AIDS and Other STDS
Presented by David Hager, M.D.

AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases are now pandemic—affecting millions of people in many diverse places throughout the world. This, in fact, is the true legacy of the sexual revolution of a generation ago. Learn the truth about AIDS and STDs. You will be given invaluable insights to the difficulties and barriers as you discover how to effectively minister to individuals with these diseases at any stage of development.

HS506: Sex Offenders: Challenges and Recovery Issues
Presented by Ralphe Earle, Ph.D.

The current crisis of priestly abuse in the Catholic Church merely reflects the diversity and pervasiveness of sexual abuse and offender behavior all over the world. While current prognosis remains poor, miracles are possible in Christ. You will be shown how to confront, reach out and take actions to help change a person infected with this abnormal behavior, guiding them through the threshold of hope and on to healing by returning again and again to God’s faithful love and presence in our lives.