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The School of Counseling and Psychology (SCP) offers online Christian counseling certification programs that integrate sound practice skills, disciplined competence, ethical integrity, and biblically-based values to promote human welfare. Our focus is on service provision and the restoration of relationships among individuals, families, and the broader Body of Christ. Our objective is to prepare graduates to provide healing and hope to members of the local and world community through the application of biblical counseling principles and professional excellence. The SCP endeavors to model leadership in the integration of sound Christian counseling in caregiving service and ministry. Students are trained from a Christian worldview and our programs are designed for individuals to take their knowledge into every corner of the world in order to assist people in the prevention and resolution of the problems of human living and to do so by reflecting the character of Christ within their personal, professional, and ministerial lives.

Specialization Track #1: Addictions and Recovery Counseling

Specialization Track #2: Child and Adolescent Counseling

Specialization Track #3: Crisis and Trauma Counseling

Specialization Track #4: Grief and Loss Counseling

Specialization Track #5: Marriage and Family Counseling