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The School of Counseling and Psychology (SCP) offers online Christian counseling certification programs that integrate sound practice skills, disciplined competence, ethical integrity, and biblically-based values to promote human welfare. Our focus is on service provision and the restoration of relationships among individuals, families, and the broader Body of Christ. Our objective is to prepare graduates to provide healing and hope to members of the local and world community through the application of biblical counseling principles and professional excellence. The SCP endeavors to model leadership in the integration of sound Christian counseling in caregiving service and ministry. Students are trained from a Christian worldview and our programs are designed for individuals to take their knowledge into every corner of the world in order to assist people in the prevention and resolution of the problems of human living and to do so by reflecting the character of Christ within their personal, professional, and ministerial lives.

ARCO 501

Jesus Christ came to free captives. All too often when humanity exercises its distorted view of freedom, it ends up making itself captive, rather than gaining freedom. This captivity comes in the form of addictions. In this course, the student will discover the practical and theological foundations for addictive behavior, and how to diagnose and treat addictions from a practical and biblical basis.

Module 1 –  A General and Theological Foundation
Module 2 – Models of Addiction and Recovery
Module 3 – Medical and Moral Considerations
Module 4 – Contributing Factors: Cyclical Behavior and Trauma
Module 5 – Teen Addictions & Reconciling the Addict to God

ARCO 502

Addiction is rampant in modern society, yet is often thought of only in the context of illicit drugs.  However, addiction goes far deeper than that.  In this course, the biological, chemical, and neurological roots and effects of addiction are examined, as well as several of the most commonly abused drugs.  The student will gain a greater awareness of the potential addictions that may be encountered, the devastating results of addiction, and ways to help those suffering from addictions.

Module 1 –  Chemical Addiction and its Biological Aspects
Module 2 – Depressants
Module 3 – Dangers Lurking in Every Family
Module 4 – Stimulants and Hallucinogenics
Module 5 – Inhalents

ARCO 503

People all around us are in bondage.  These chains cannot be easily seen, but they are very real.  These chains are addiction, and the bonds of addiction are not limited to substance abuse.  This course examines the addictions to activities or behaviors that plague people of all walks of life.

Module 1 –  Sexual Addiction
Module 2 – Sex & Love Addictions
Module 3 – Eating & Relationship Addictions
Module 4 – Gambling & Adrenaline Addictions
Module 5 – Spiritual & Performance Addictions

ARCO 504

There are many different types of treatments and assessments available to those in the people-helping profession. Learning how to assess problems and develop treatment strategies is paramount for every counselor. This course surveys various models of screening, assessment, and treatment approaches for addictive behaviors. The obsessive-compulsive continuum, comorbidity, and dual diagnosis issues are explored as ancillary dimensions.

Module 1 –  Treating Addictions: Introduction
Module 2 – Assessing Addictions: Considerations
Module 3 – Treating Specific Addictions
Module 4 – Addictions: Marriage, and Adolescents
Module 5 – A Hope and a Future

ARCO 505

Addictions are complex and varied, making the recovery from addictions equally complex and varied. The process of recovery and transformation into a new, healthy life incorporates physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental, and relational elements. Even after undergoing treatment for addiction, the relapse rates can be staggeringly high (50%-90%). Because of the complexity and importance of this issue, and the Christian understanding that God desires to bring wholeness to broken lives, this course sheds light on various aspects affecting the escape from addictions, and points towards a model of transformation, not just recovery.

Module 1 – Working Together for Recovery
Module 2 – Substance Abuse and Family Dynamics
Module 3 – Marital Recovery from Addictions
Module 4 – Successful Recovery Through Programs
Module 5 – Biblical Recovery and Transformation