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The School of Counseling and Psychology (SCP) offers online Christian counseling certification programs that integrate sound practice skills, disciplined competence, ethical integrity, and biblically-based values to promote human welfare. Our focus is on service provision and the restoration of relationships among individuals, families, and the broader Body of Christ. Our objective is to prepare graduates to provide healing and hope to members of the local and world community through the application of biblical counseling principles and professional excellence. The SCP endeavors to model leadership in the integration of sound Christian counseling in caregiving service and ministry. Students are trained from a Christian worldview and our programs are designed for individuals to take their knowledge into every corner of the world in order to assist people in the prevention and resolution of the problems of human living and to do so by reflecting the character of Christ within their personal, professional, and ministerial lives.

CACO 501

It has been said that children are not simply adults in small bodies. Perhaps no one knows this better than those parents and counselors who fill their everyday helping kids. In order to be the most effective helper of children, the counselor needs to have a firm grasp on the different stages of mental, emotional, and physiological development that children experience as they move from infants to adolescents. In addition, children face unique stressors and challenges that adults may not immediately recognize or understand. In this course, students will be introduced to these stages of development and challenging issues facing modern children and adolescents. The student will gain the awareness and skills to more effectively prepare young people for the mental, emotional, social, and physiological challenges that they will face as they grow into healthy adults.

Module 1 –  Foundations for Healthy Relationships with Kids
Module 2 – Being a Blessing to Your Kids
Module 3 – Anger, Aggression, and Dysfunction
Module 4 – Proactively Addressing Adolescent Challenges
Module 5 – Learning to Think Like Kids

CACO 502

Children and adolescents live in a world vastly different than the one in which their parents were raised. The advancing rate of technology, direct commercial marketing to adolescents and pre-teens, increasing availability of drugs, and lessening of a common biblical worldview all combine to form a formidable outside influence on young people today. With these new stressors, influences, and dangers comes the need of parents, teachers, ministers, and counselors to stay current in their ability to help each new generation of kids. This course offers an in-depth examination of these issues, and provides the student with tools to make a positive difference in the lives of young people facing the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Module 1 –  The Primacy and Protection of Children
Module 2 – Grief, Stress, & Depression
Module 3 – Helping Kids in a Dangerous World
Module 4 – Neurological Disorders and Medications
Module 5 – Anxiety, Divorce, & Blended Families

CACO 503

Adolescence is the time in life where children make the transition into adult bodies. The hormones and social pressures of this time of life make it one of the most formative times in anyone’s life. During adolescence, teens are broadening their social spheres and are meeting more people who often do not share the same worldview. This is also the time of life when teens find themselves having more freedom than ever before. That freedom, if not kept in check can lead to any one of many problems. In order to effectively help adolescents and those who work with them one must be familiar with the problems and frustrations that teens face. In this course, students will learn what makes adolescence such a difficult time in life and student will survey some of the most common influencers. Students will learn what influences adolescents, their behavior and will gain some practical methods for approaching teens and those who work with them.

Module 1 –  Understanding Teens and Their World
Module 2 – Faith, Life, and Teen Relationships
Module 3 – Love, Sex, and Dating
Module 4 – Technological, Spiritual, and Family Changes
Module 5 – Identity Crisis and Decision Making

CACO 504

This course focuses on more complex issues related to working with adolescents and provides prevention and intervention strategies for effective counseling. Topics include anxiety and depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, gang involvement, self-injury and suicide, ADHD, and high risk behaviors.

Module 1 –  Teen Stress, Health & ADD
Module 2 – Faith, Divorce and School Problems
Module 3 – High Risk Males and Females
Module 4 – Teen Violence, Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Module 5 – Self-Injury and Suicide Prevention

CACO 505

This course examines parenting styles and techniques, including some of the unique challenges in raising both boys and girls. Communication principles, effective boundaries, rules, and discipline strategies are discussed, as well as single parent households.

Module 1 –  Parenting in Love
Module 2 – The Unique Challenges of Boys and Girls
Module 3 – Strong Parents/Strong Children
Module 4 – Parental Discipline
Module 5 – Single-Parent and Blended Families