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The School of Counseling and Psychology (SCP) offers online Christian counseling certification programs that integrate sound practice skills, disciplined competence, ethical integrity, and biblically-based values to promote human welfare. Our focus is on service provision and the restoration of relationships among individuals, families, and the broader Body of Christ. Our objective is to prepare graduates to provide healing and hope to members of the local and world community through the application of biblical counseling principles and professional excellence. The SCP endeavors to model leadership in the integration of sound Christian counseling in caregiving service and ministry. Students are trained from a Christian worldview and our programs are designed for individuals to take their knowledge into every corner of the world in order to assist people in the prevention and resolution of the problems of human living and to do so by reflecting the character of Christ within their personal, professional, and ministerial lives.


Complete any 5 of the following to complete this specialization track.

GLCO 101
Introduction to Grief & Loss

This course is designed for counselors, life coaches, and caregivers at all levels. Participants will train with grief and loss experts, hear compelling stories, gain practical information, understand therapeutic interventions for grieving clients, and learn how to walk alongside those who are in deep mourning by giving them a sense of hope and courage through the grace of God. Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Module 1 – The Fundamentals
Module 2 – Grieving Styles, Cultural Competency, and Assessment
Module 3 – Neurology & Trauma
Module 4 – Complicated Grief & Effective Counsel
Module 5 – Experiential Techniques & Disenfranchised Grief

GLCO 201
Specialty Areas of Grief and Loss

While grief and loss are universal, how a person grieves is unique and individual. They are experienced when there has been the loss of an intimate relationship with a person or some other object of affection. Grief is an active, intentional, decision to face the pain of the loss. Rarely are there easy answers to events that seem so inherently tragic and untimely. Rape, suicide, murder, abduction, children with cancer, sexual abuse, the death of a spouse, divorce, natural disasters, a mastectomy, infertility, sudden income loss… the list is endless, and the aftermath is often overwhelming. Specialty Areas of Grief and Loss offers helpful and practical insights for ongoing training in grief work when addressing specific types of loss. Presentations are biblically-based, clinically-excellent, theologically sound, and tailored just for you — the Christian Counselor.

GLCO 501

Part of being human is experiences grief and loss. Adam and Eve felt it with the loss of their son Abel. Jacob felt it when his son Joseph “disappeared.” David felt it with the loss of his child with Bathsheba. Even Jesus experienced grief and pain in the Garden the night before His crucifixion. All deal with it, yet most today have severe misconceptions about what grief should look like, and how long it should take to recover. For this reason, grief and loss counseling is a vital part of any counseling or helping ministry. This course will dispel misconceptions, and teach the student how to properly and biblically address grief and loss, and help other do the same.

Module 1 – Biblical Foundations of Grief
Module 2 – Surviving the Crisis
Module 3 – Working Together Through Suffering
Module 4 – Hope, Suffering, and the Sovereignty of God
Module 5 – Finding Joy in Life’s Challenges

GLCO 502

This course reviews the different types of loss that can be experienced, as well as some of the unique aspects found in each category. Included are discussions on child abuse, divorce, infertility, chronic illness, death of a child or spouse, abortion, rape, and domestic violence.

Module 1 – Introduction to Loss
Module 2 – Family Loss
Module 3 – Infertility and Post Abortion
Module 4 – Domestic and Sexual Violence
Module 5 – Chronic Illness and Disaster Relief

GLCO 503

This course examines the different stages of the grief cycle, as well as appropriate intervention strategies and psychoeducational tools to employ in the process of caregiving. Shock, anxiety, depression, suicide risk, and other factors are considered.

Module 1 –  Depression, Mood Disorders, and Grief Counseling
Module 2 – Depression in Women, Children, and Adolescents
Module 3 – Grief, Loss, and Complicated Grief
Module 4 – Grief, Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression
Module 5 – Trauma, PTSD, and Suicide

GLCO 504

This course explores some of the common dynamics surrounding death, dying, and end-of-life issues. From practical tips and theological principles to a more in-depth discussion of intervention strategies, a compassionate and grace-oriented approach is offered.

Module 1 –  Appropriate Responses to Trauma
Module 2 – Working with Trauma Victims
Module 3 – The Power of Scripture in Trauma
Module 4 – Working with Trauma
Module 5 – Premature Losses

GLCO 505

This course considers the theological and crisis-of-faith factors related to the experience of grief and loss, along with the vital role that forgiveness plays in the process. Strategies for moving from forgiveness and beyond the past and the pain are discussed.

Module 1 –  Spiritual Forgiveness
Module 2 – Forgiving Through Pain and Loss
Module 3 – Forgiveness for Self, and a Future
Module 4 – When Forgiveness Does Not Seem Possible
Module 5 – Reconciliation