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The School of Counseling and Psychology (SCP) offers online Christian counseling certification programs that integrates sound practice skills, disciplined competence, ethical integrity, and biblically-based values to promote human welfare. Our focus is on service provision and the restoration of relationships among individuals, families, and the broader Body of Christ. Our objective is to prepare graduates to provide healing and hope to members of the local and world community through the application of biblical counseling principles and professional excellence. The SCP endeavors to model leadership in the integration of sound Christian counseling in care giving service and ministry. Students are trained from a Christian worldview and our programs are designed for individuals to take their knowledge into every corner of the world in order to assist people in the prevention and resolution of the problems of human living and to do so by reflecting the character of Christ within their personal, professional, and ministerial lives.

MFCO 501

Marriage is close to the heart of God – so close that he identifies it with the unconditional love that Christ has for the Church (Eph. 5:21-33). This course identifies and develops the biblical foundations needed to both build and maintain a spiritually healthy marriage. From the pre-marriage stage, through the dangers of disaffection during the busy family-building years, to life as empty-nesters, professional counselors and theologians teach both married couples and counselors how to build and maintain biblically healthy marriages.

Module 1 –  Foundations of Marriage
Module 2 – Before the Marriage Begins
Module 3 – Building Spiritual Intimacy
Module 4 – When Problems Arise
Module 5 – Keeping Marriage Healthy Through Changes

MFCO 502

Researchers can predict up to 93% accuracy who will divorce based upon the couple’s communication skills and methods. Healthy and effective communication is essential in couples feeling fulfilled, and resolving conflicts that are bound to arise. This course examines the biblical and emotional bases for healthy communication in a marriage, as well as offering specific techniques to improve marital communication in times of harmony, conflict, and healing.

Module 1 – Talking Sense
Module 2 – Anger and Poor Perceptions
Module 3 – Overcoming Anger and Past Hurts
Module 4 – Conflict Resolution: Strongholds and Strategies
Module 5 – Talk About Forgiveness

MFCO 503

Often, the only time the church realizes that there are problems within the relational intimacy of its couples is when marital separation or divorce occurs. The areas of sex and intimacy have long been viewed by the church as taboo, but the Bible has much to say about what healthy marital intimacy should look like, and how to achieve it. This course tackles this difficult, but extremely important subject, and will help students build strength in their own marriage relationships, as well as prepare them to help others achieve healthy sexual intimacy in marriage.

Module 1 – Healthy Foundations of Sexual Relationships
Module 2 – Male and Female He Created Them
Module 3 – Building Intimacy
Module 4 – Problem Solving: Retroactive and Proactive Solutions
Module 5 – Staying Happily Married

MFCO 504

This course addresses the multiple aspects of family life and the importance of building a healthy God-centered environment within the home. Parenting strategies, the rule of mothers and fathers, effective discipline, family communication, dealing with crises, and the unique challenges of raising both sons and daughters are reviewed.

Module 1 – Parenting with Love
Module 2 – Gender Specific Parenting Challenges
Module 3 – The Importance of Strong Mothers & Fathers
Module 4 – Parenting Through Problems
Module 5 – Non-Traditional Families

MFCO 505

This course examines the potential turmoil surrounding separation, divorce, and remarriage issues. Topics such as forgiveness, helping children survive divorce, keys to starting over, finding new relationships, and living in a blended family are explored.

Module 1 – Separation, Divorce, & Recovery
Module 2 – Divorce & Children
Module 3 – Starting Over
Module 4 – Letting Go of the Pain
Module 5 – New Relationships