If you believe God is leading you to the crucial role of serving women in your church or community, often referred to as “coffee-cup counseling,” the Light University Women’s Leadership program offers the essential education needed to help set women free. You will learn from America’s leading voices on the issues women face and gain the practical counseling tools necessary to be equipped for today’s ministry to women.

Only $299 for Both Parts Combined!
Part 1 - WMLD 101

This course is designed to explore the development of a woman’s life on a holistic level, allowing her to better understand herself as well as issues that other women face  Special attention is given to spiritual development, personal identity, and marriage.  WMLD 101 offers a foundation for personal development so that the student can successfully lead others based upon her own development.

Module 1 –  Self Examination
Module 2 – Growing in God Throughout Life
Module 3 – Recovery, Body Image, & Marriage
Module 4 – Two Become One
Module 5 – Winning the Battle at Home

Part 2 - WMLD 102

This course is designed to build upon the principles of women’s leadership developed in WMLD 101.  Special attention is given to the particular challenges women face that bring stress and anxiety into their lives, how to build healthy marriages, how to raise godly children, and how to embrace aging.  WMLD 102 will help students strengthen their understanding of these topics and their ability to thrive as women, as well as prepare them to lead other women to do the same.

Module 1 – Helping Women: Part 1
Module 2 – Helping Women: Part 2
Module 3 – A Woman’s Marriage
Module 4 – A Mother’s Family
Module 5 – Focus on the Future