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Advanced Diploma
Masters Diploma
LFCH 500

Americans today are less healthy than ever. With the increasing time demands of the workplace, two income families, and kids’ school and extracurricular activities, the average American gets less proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep than is needed to maintain a healthy body. This not only affects the physical, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of men, women, and children. Most people readily admit they need to change their habits, and have a desire to be more healthy, but lack the knowledge and dedication to make the necessary changes. This course will provide coaches with the knowledge and skills to effectively guide clients to a healthier holistic state, and enable them to train those clients to make lifestyle changes that will carry them to healthier futures.

Module 1 – Foundations for Health and Wellness
Module 2 – Nutrition and Your Mind
Module 3 – Managing Stress and Pain
Module 4 – Wellness Coaching for Men and Women
Module 5 – The Importance of Rest and a Coach’s Overview

LFCH 501

Hope is not in a job, personal accomplishments, the right house, excellent health, or substantial wealth. Hope comes from the Lord, and its purpose is to give everyone an internal source of strength no matter what they are facing. Psalm 25:3 states, No one whose hope is in You will be put to shame.” This course is designed to equip and train people how to become providers of biblical hope for others facing very difficult circumstances.

Module 1 – Introduction to Hope Coaching
Module 2 – Grief, Coping, and Intimacy with God
Module 3 – Facing the Hard Times with Hope
Module 4 – Preventing Damage: Personal and Theological Concerns
Module 5 – The Power of Encouragement and Celebration

LFCH 505

Things don’t get done by themselves. Someone has to be at the forefront of acting strategically. Leaders are essential to any organization or society, however, leadership is not entirely a “natural” quality. Much of what makes an effective executive or volunteer leader is built and developed upon that person’s natural capacities and personality. In this course, coaching professionals will teach key principles, considerations, and skills needed to become a great leader. Special attention in given to best practices for coaches to implement these leadership principles in professional executive and leadership coaching.

Module 1 – What Makes a Great Leader?
Module 2 – Foundational Strategies for Coaching Leaders
Module 3 – Coaching Leaders: Crises and Cultural Awareness
Module 4 – Generational Differences and Project Management
Module 5 – Leadership Values for a Healthy Future

LFCH 515

Next to marriage, parenting is one of the most difficult tasks in life. From nuclear families to step families to multi-generational families, parenting certainly has its challenges. With all of the different types of families out there, this course will help you coach each of them and address their specific needs. With biblical insights and the best experts in the parenting field, this class will prepare you to confidently coach and care for each family that comes your way.

Module 1 – Parenting with Skill and Technique
Module 2 – Parenting the Blesses
Module 3 – Teens and Discipline
Module 4 – Mother’s and Father’s Roles
Module 5 – Blended and Single Families

LFCH 520

Marriage is a sacred institution. It is the foundational human relationship created by God in Genesis for the good of the individual and for the good of the world. It is also the God ordained institution for providing an visual representation of the relationship between Christ and His bride, the Church. Therefore, biblically healthy marriages are not only important to the couple, but also as a reflection of God and His kingdom. Yet healthy marriages do not just happen in a fallen world. This course will provide coaches with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead couples into healthier marriages, thereby bringing joy and fulfillment into their lives, as well as glory to God.

Module 1 – Introduction to Marriage Coaching
Module 2 – Meeting Innate Needs
Module 3 – Personalities and Communication in Marriage
Module 4 – Building Unbreakable Bonds & Overcoming Conflict
Module 5 – Building Wealth: Finances and Longevity

LFCH 525

Divorce is rampant in the world today and nearly 40% of the children who wake up in America every day, wake up without a father in their home. This course will give you the tools you need to help people walk through the process of grief and forgiveness. The insights in this course will also help guide your clients toward building new relationships and blended families.

Module 1 – Beginning the Journey of Divorce
Module 2 – Understanding the Process to Avoid the Pitfalls
Module 3 – The Process of Forgiveness and Building a New Life
Module 4 – Using Keys and Avoiding Barriers
Module 5 – Healthy Relationships Post-Divorce

LFCH 530

For many, faith and spirituality are an essential element in how to approach life, problems and relationships. Though spiritual formation coaching is still a growing area in the field, these experts challenge participants to apply faith-based principles and a Christian coaching orientation to their practice. The ways in which one may obtain spiritual fulfillment, develop a God-concept and apply spiritual disciplines are explained, as well as basic biblical truths which are sure to transform one’s coaching practice.

Module 1 – Introduction to Spiritual Formation Coaching
Module 2 – Identity and Spiritual Formation
Module 3 – Environmental Factors in Spiritual Formation
Module 4 – Interviews in Spiritual Formation
Module 5 – Personal Development in Spiritual Formation

LFCH 535

Women represent a large segment of those who both provide and seek out life coaching. This series begins by explaining the profound ways in which women differ from men, and because of this, how one’s coaching practice should respond to these unique needs. The insights discussed in this course relate to women and their relationship with God, leadership in ministry, personality and identity differences, physical wellness, financial issues, conflict resolution, personal and professional management, and life transitions.

Module 1 – Women and Spirituality
Module 2 – Women and Identity
Module 3 – Women and Balance
Module 4 – Women’s Internal and External Battles
Module 5 – Understanding Women in Times of Change

LFCH 540

Man was created in relationship, through relationship and for relationship. This series highlights the various ways in which coaches can empower clients in their personal relationships. Relational experts discuss the ways in which attachment style and family or origin experiences influence emotions and behavior. Practical tips and insights are provided on topics such as sexual attraction and boundaries, communication styles and differences, forgiveness and reconciliation, understanding codependency and how to manage difficult coaching relationships.

Module 1 – Understanding Relationships
Module 2 – The Role of Emotions in Relationships
Module 3 – Communication in Relationships
Module 4 – Boundaries in Relationships
Module 5 – Reconciliation and Termination

LFCH 545

Having a solid foundation prior to marriage is an important investment in the future. This series focuses on the critical need for premarital coaching for both engaged and pre-engaged couples. Sessions include a biblical basis for the concept of marriage, marital attraction and preparation, a couple’s expectations and assumptions concerning marriage, healthy communication and conflict resolution, understanding gender differences, financial responsibility and practical tools in how to balance work and life.

Module 1 – Introduction to Biblical Premarital Coaching
Module 2 – Preparation and Insight into Marriage
Module 3 – Understanding the Battles of Relationships
Module 4 – Balancing Budgets and Life
Module 5 – Solving Problems in Love

LFCH 550

There is a pressing need for competent Christian stress management coaches today. The pace of people’s professional and family lives continues to escalate, leading to an ever increasing level of stress. This stress has a profound effect on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of men and women every day. This course provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of stress, its effects on individuals, best practices in managing it in their own lives, and how to coach others to manage their own stress.

Module 1 – Introduction to Stress Management Coaching
Module 2 – The Physiology and Neurology of Stress
Module 3 – When Too Much is Too Much
Module 4 – Stress and the Whole Person
Module 5 – Rest and the Caregiver

LFCH 555

Working with executives and organizations has both its rewards and its challenges. This coaching series focuses on how senior organizational leaders can apply effective strategies to positively influence those they lead. Biblical constructs, resiliency, conflict resolution skills, organizational evaluation techniques and managing operations and people are explained as consultation experts discuss personal examples and testimonies. Coaches involved with executives and organizations are sure to gain helpful professional insights through practical application.

Module 1 – Assessment and People Skills for the Kingdom
Module 2 – Coaching Leaders
Module 3 – Understanding Female Strengths and Conflict Resolution
Module 4 – Focusing on Strategy and Operations
Module 5 – Managing People Through Change

LFCH 560

While the experience of grief is universal, how a person grieves is often unique and individual. This series highlights the special needs of clients who are faced with grief and loss in their life. Presenters offer participants practical tips and techniques for evaluating and assisting clients. Biblical insights regarding the theology of suffering and loss are incorporated into the sessions. Specific applications also include childhood grief, the loss of a child, grief and loss in a marriage, unrecognized losses, and the impact of disasters on individuals, families, and communities.

Module 1 – Understanding the Basics of Grief
Module 2 – The Power of Loss
Module 3 – The Unrecognized Effects of Loss: From Individual to Community
Module 4 – Using Faith and Experiential Techniques to Help Grief
Module 5 – Faith Through the Darkness

LFCH 565

Once the basic essentials of effective coaching are developed, practitioners should look to continue advancing and enhancing their core skill set. This series prepares participants for moving to the next level in building a successful coaching practice, finding clients, utilizing seminars and conferences, and coaching from a team perspective. Sessions also provide practical insights on creating a sense of vision and mission, learning the art of confrontation, maintaining ethical behavior, managing one’s coaching practice in an organized and effective manner, and becoming a successful and respected professional.

Advanced Life Coaching Includes 12 main topics: Building a Full Coaching Schedule; Communication Coaching; Managing Time and Staying Organized; Coaching the Coach; Creating a Professional Image; Team Coaching; Group Coaching; Mission and Vision; Coaching Through Midlife Career Transitions; Visioning and Storyboards in Coaching; The Art of Confrontation; and Advanced Ethics and Ethical Coaching Dilemmas.

LFCH 570

Light University Online is taking Life Recovery Coaching to the next level by developing an innovative, professional certificate and certification training program in partnership with two of America’s anchor voices and leading professionals, Steve Arterburn and David Stoop. Both are well-known for their Life Recovery Bible, which has now sold over 1.6 million copies. Our dynamic Life Recovery Coaching series will be anchored by three (3) distinct courses focusing on a biblically-based application of the 12-Step model and Christian recovery principles. I am excited to offer you the first course in this series, Life Recovery Coaching 101.

Step One – Admitting Powerlessness and the Unmanageability of the Problem
Step Two – The Role of Faith in the Restoration of Sanity
Step Three – The Decision and Willingness to Surrender
Step Four – Life Assessment: A Fearless Moral Inventory
Step Five – Admitting One’s Wrongs
Step Six – Allowing God to Remove Character Defects
Step Seven – Removing Inadequacies: The Humble Request
Step Eight – Making the List
Step Nine – Making Appropriate Amends
Step Ten – Continuing the Personal Inventory
Step Eleven – A New Level of Intimacy
Step Twelve – Living and Relaying the Message

LFCH 575

Based on the 12 Step principles, this course will examine the fundamental laws that apply to restoration and healthy living. These Biblical laws are given by God to aid individuals to live life to its fullest potential. Given that a perfectly-holy God created the laws, they can seem counterintuitive in our fallen world, and it takes both wisdom and courage to follow these good laws. This course helps teach clinicians how to instill the knowledge and hope of God’s laws for a fulfilling life free from the clutches of addiction.

Law One – The Law of Powerlessness
Law Two – The Law of Humility
Law Three – The Law of Connection
Law Four – The Law of Willingness
Law Five – The Law of Confession
Law Six – The Law of Faith
Law Seven – The Law of Surrender
Law Eight – The Law of Service
Law Nine – The Law of Forgiveness
Law Ten – The Law of Restitution
Law Eleven – The Law of Sacrifice
Law Twelve – The Law of Responsibility

LFCH 580

Together with the 12 Steps and 12 Laws, Life Recovery 301 provides the ideal companion course for a comprehensive training program. The 12 Gifts of Life Recovery describes how to take clients beyond sobriety and direct them to pursue exceptional lives that are rich and full of God’s gifts. By integrating recovery principles into every facet of life, counselors and caregivers can better understand the biblical path to authentic transformation.