Steve Arterburn, M.Ed.
David Stoop, Ph.D.

Featuring 2 of the world’s foremost recovery experts

Steven Arterburn, M. Ed., and David Stoop, Ph.D. – best-selling authors of the #1 Selling Life Recovery Bible with more than 2 million copies in print (Tyndale House).

Designed for anyone involved in the addiction and recovery world…

including but not limited to small group leaders, life coaches, counselors, therapists, pastors, youth pastors and more.

Life Recovery Bible
LFCH 570

Light University Online is taking Life Recovery Coaching to the next level by developing an innovative, professional certificate and certification training program in partnership with two of America’s anchor voices and leading professionals, Steve Arterburn and David Stoop. Both are well-known for their Life Recovery Bible, which has now sold over 1.6 million copies. Our dynamic Life Recovery Coaching series will be anchored by three (3) distinct courses focusing on a biblically-based application of the 12-Step model and Christian recovery principles. I am excited to offer you the first course in this series, Life Recovery Coaching 101.

Step One – Admitting Powerlessness and the Unmanageability of the Problem
Step Two – The Role of Faith in the Restoration of Sanity
Step Three – The Decision and Willingness to Surrender
Step Four – Life Assessment: A Fearless Moral Inventory
Step Five – Admitting One’s Wrongs
Step Six – Allowing God to Remove Character Defects
Step Seven – Removing Inadequacies: The Humble Request
Step Eight – Making the List
Step Nine – Making Appropriate Amends
Step Ten – Continuing the Personal Inventory
Step Eleven – A New Level of Intimacy
Step Twelve – Living and Relaying the Message

LFCH 575

Based on the 12 Step principles, this course will examine the fundamental laws that apply to restoration and healthy living. These Biblical laws are given by God to aid individuals to live life to its fullest potential. Given that a perfectly-holy God created the laws, they can seem counterintuitive in our fallen world, and it takes both wisdom and courage to follow these good laws. This course helps teach clinicians how to instill the knowledge and hope of God’s laws for a fulfilling life free from the clutches of addiction.

Law One – The Law of Powerlessness
Law Two – The Law of Humility
Law Three – The Law of Connection
Law Four – The Law of Willingness
Law Five – The Law of Confession
Law Six – The Law of Faith
Law Seven – The Law of Surrender
Law Eight – The Law of Service
Law Nine – The Law of Forgiveness
Law Ten – The Law of Restitution
Law Eleven – The Law of Sacrifice
Law Twelve – The Law of Responsibility

LFCH 580

Together with the 12 Steps and 12 Laws, Life Recovery 301 provides the ideal companion course for a comprehensive training program. The 12 Gifts of Life Recovery describes how to take clients beyond sobriety and direct them to pursue exceptional lives that are rich and full of God’s gifts. By integrating recovery principles into every facet of life, counselors and caregivers can better understand the biblical path to authentic transformation.