Executive & Organizational Coaching

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This course focuses on how senior organizational leaders can apply effective strategies to positively influence those they lead. Biblical constructs, resiliency, conflict resolution skills, organizational evaluation techniques and managing operations and people are explained as consultation experts discuss personal examples and testimonies. Coaches involved with executives and organizations are sure to gain helpful professional insights through practical application.

MLCEO 101: Creating Custom Coaching Assessments for Rapid Results This session focuses on how a coach can come alongside their client and effectively create tailored coaching assessments. How a coach should move forward and create goals after completing an assessment is also addressed, including strategies to encourage clients in their work.

MLCEO 102: Maximizing People Skills to Minimize People Problems People problems are a common issue today; yet attracting and keeping the right people is crucial to any organization. This session addresses practical strategies that will strengthen a leader’s ability to positively influence and empower those whom they lead.

MLCEO 103: In and Through: Leadership for an Upside-down Kingdom This session describes how a coach may be more effective through being authentic, competent, and humble. Dr. Scalise describes Scriptural references which may help guide coaches in their pursuit of authenticity. Finally, Emotional Intelligence is discussed as a critical leadership competency.

MLCEO 104: Coaching the High Profile Client: Getting into the Mindset of Driven Achievers Occasionally a coach will be asked to provide services for a high profile client. This session addresses the areas in which a coach must be competent in order to positively impact these clients. The DRIVEN Formula is also discussed as a means of giving the coach guidelines for working with clients of mass influence.

MLCEO 105: The Coach as Consultant: When the Organization is the Client This session will shift to discuss organizational consulting and coaching and how to approach the situation if the organization, as opposed to an individual, is actually the client. The differences between executive coaching and organizational consulting will be examined, as well as why business owners seek out organizational consulting. Finally, organizational design, assessment, and interventions are explained.

MLCEO 106: Resilient Leaders and Organizations This lesson will equip leaders in every marketplace, as well as coaches of leaders, with critical tools for developing and maintaining resilience which sustains them and others in the crucibles of life and leadership.

MLCEO 107: Women in Leadership: Coaching to Female Strengths How can coaches understand the unique challenges facing today's female leaders and executives and coach them toward more effective leadership? This presentation looks at core issues and possible solutions.

MLCEO 108: Coaching Leaders and Organizations for Effective Conflict Resolution Conflict is inevitable – it is a part of our lives for Christians and non-Christians alike. People (which are the owners of a business or run an organization) differ in the way in which they approach difficult situations and conflict. Knowing that conflict will happen in your professional relations, it is vital to possess effective conflict resolution skills.

MLCEO 109: Core Processes for Executive Leaders and Organizations: Managing Strategy Organizations are driven by three processes: Strategy, people, and operations. This session focuses on strategy, or where the organization wants to go and how this relates to cultural alignment within the organization. Also, through a practical examples, this session will point out how to coach leaders of an organization in the area of strategic planning.

MLCEO 110: Core Processes for Executive Leaders and Organizations: Managing Operations Organizations are driven by three core processes: Strategy, Operations, and People. This session focuses on the Operations aspect of organizational coaching. The systems which impact organizational effectiveness are discussed, as well as the selecting, recruiting, and hiring processes. Finally, the GROWTH model will be discussed.

MLCEO 111: Core Processes for Executive Leaders and Organizations: Managing People Organizations are driven by three primary processes: People, operations, and strategy. This session focuses on people. The people process is the most important process because the people are the key to any successful organization. How a coach can create unity is discussed, as well as the Five Levels of Agreement for a Team.

MLCEO 112: Coaching Executive Leaders and Organizations Through Change and TransitionThere are many ethical dilemmas that can become present in a coaching environment. This panel will discuss some of these dilemmas and provide the participant with helpful information.