Premarital Coaching

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Having a solid foundation prior to marriage is an important investment in the future. This series focuses on the critical need for premarital coaching for both engaged and pre-engaged couples. Sessions include a biblical basis for the concept of marriage, marital attraction and preparation, a couple’s expectations and assumptions concerning marriage, healthy communication and conflict resolution, understanding gender differences, financial responsibility and practical tools in how to balance work and life.

MLCPM 101: Introduction to Pre-Marital Coaching
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.; Jennifer Cisney, M.A.; Dwight Bain, M.A.

MLCPM 102: Biblical Foundations in a Sacred Marriage
Tim Clinton, Ed.D.; John Trent, Ph.D.

MLCPM 103: Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons
Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D.

MLCPM 104: Preparing for Marriage and Pre-Marital Coaching
Les Parrott, III, Ph.D.; Leslie Parrott, Ed.D.

MLCPM 105: Expectations and Assumptions: Due Diligence Before, "I Do"
Joshua Straub, Ph.D.

MLCPM 106: Understanding the Five Love Languages
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.

MLCPM 107: How Couples Lose at Love: Battling Disaffection in Marriage
Tim Clinton, Ed.D.

MLCPM 108: Male and Female: Understanding Gender & Sexual Responses
Archibald Hart, Ph.D.; Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.; Debra Taylor, M.A.

MLCPM 109: Balancing Work and Life
Julie Verner, Ph.D.

MLCPM 110: Cents and Sensibility: Helping Couples Manage Their Finances
Scott Palmer, B.A.; Bethany Palmer, B.A.

MLCPM 111: Decision-making, Problem-solving and Conflict Resolution
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

MLCPM 112: The Secrets of a Deeper Love
Gary Smalley, M.Div., Ed.D.