Genesis 2:24

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The program is based on Genesis 2:24, the very first verse in the Bible that deals with love and marriage. Co-hosted with best-selling author and marriage expert, Dr. John Trent, this course is designed to be real, straightforward, and firmly grounded in the Bible. Based on solid research, clinical practice, and rooted deeply in Scripture, Genesis 2:24 features some of the world’s leading marriage experts. While designed for couples who are preparing for marriage, it is also a wonderful tool for couples to go through during the early years of marriage.

GP 101: The Faith Factor: Biblical Foundations in a Sacred Marriage
GP 102: Love Languages
GP 103: Personalities and Communication: Finding Your Strengths as a Couple
GP 104: The Fear Dance: Managing Conflict
GP 105: Managing Finance in Marriage
GP 106: Healthy Sexuality: Enjoying a Great Sex Life
GP 107: Safe-Haven Marriage: Creating Emotional Closeness and Safety
GP 108: Work-Life Balance
GP 109: Breaking the Fear Dance: From Anger to Intimacy
GP 110: How Couples Lose at Love: Battling Disaffection in Marriage
GP 111: Four Predictable Areas of Conflict: Conflict Resolution and Living as One
GP 112: The Necessary Nine: Staying Happily Married for a Lifetime