Introduction to Grief and Loss 101

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[ceu_desc]In Grief and Loss: Introduction to Grief and Loss, students will hear compelling stories and case examples, gain insightful and practical information, understand strategic interventions for those grieving, and learn how to walk alongside those who are in deep mourning. As the grief process can come in relentless waves filled with various, intense emotions, this program will provide the necessary tools to help serve, support, and encourage those who are struggling.


Course Lessons

GAL 101: A Time to Weep: Biblical Foundations for Grief and Loss

In this presentation, Dr. Jared Pingleton walks viewers through a biblical understanding of grief. Grievers need to view loss from a biblical paradigm, for it is through the process of pain and sorrow that we can truly find comfort from a loving and caring God.


GAL 102: Bereavement, Grief, and Mourning: Understanding the Fundamentals

This presentation will help people understand the basics and definitions of grief, as well as the different stages and phases through which grievers walk. Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Kevin Ellers walk viewers through several different models of grief and help provide a foundation of the principles of grief.


GAL 103: From Children to the Elderly: Grief Across the Life Cycle

This presentation will walk viewers through the difficulties that young grievers face in the different age groups of childhood. The presenters will also discuss the specific challenges faced by elderly grievers. These two populations, children and the elderly, are often overlooked yet their grief is no less valid because it is expressed differently.


GAL 104: Grieving Styles: Moving Beyond Gender Stereotypes of Grief

In this presentation, Dr. Kevin Ellers and Jennifer Cisney Ellers will describe the different types of grievers, along with what each griever needs in order to work through and process their grief. Everyone is unique in how they grieve, but there are universal principles that can help each type of griever most effectively mourn their loss.


GAL 105: Cultural Competency in Grief Work

Grief is universal, but how cultures deal with grief is not. This panel presentation brings together Dr. Mark Crear, Dr. Elias Moitinho, and Rev. Sabrina Black as they speak with Dr. Eric Scalise about how grief is processed in the African American community and the Latino/Hispanic Communities.


GAL 106: Why God: Spiritual Assessment with the Bereaved

When tragedy occurs, people are left with feelings of great agony and grief. For Christians, there is also an element of desperate questioning – Why, God? Faith in the midst of grief and doubt can be challenging, but not impossible. In this presentation, Dr. Kevin Ellers discusses the importance of listening to people’s stories and walking with them through the pain.


GAL 107: The Neurology of Grief: The Impact of Loss on the Brain

Grief affects the brain, but the brain also affects grief. In order to learn how to best help people through the process of grief, it is helpful to discover the impact of a person’s neurology. In this presentation, Dr. Linda Mintle walks viewers through the parts of the brain and how each part influences the grieving process.


GAL 108: Grief and Trauma: Identifying the Connection

Grief as a result of trauma can present a unique set of problems; trauma as a result of intense grief can also occur. In this presentation, Dr. David Jenkins walks viewers through what grief and trauma are, how they work together, and what to do when grief and trauma appear together.


GAL 109: When the Pain Lingers: Dealing with Long-term Grief

How can counselors discern what is normal in the grieving process and what has moved beyond the healthy grief process and into clinical concerns? In this presentation, Jennifer Cisney Ellers lists thirteen clinical indicators that can help differentiate between normal and abnormal grief.


GAL 110: From Mourning to Morning: Effective Counsel, Care, and Companionship

How a person walks through grief may be more impactful than the actual loss. Dr. Eric Scalise presents a biblical and practical guide to helping people through mourning. There is hope on the other side of grief – mourning does not need to last forever, and with God’s help, healing can come in the morning.


GAL 111: Using the Backdoor: Experiential Techniques in Grief Counseling

People grieve in different ways, and when people experience unresolved grief or are unable to fully process their loss, experiential techniques can help optimize healing. In this presentation, Dr. Scalise and Jennifer Cisney Ellers will cover theoretical constructs, research findings and applications for experiential therapies.


GAL 112: Disenfranchised Grief: When Your Pain Doesn’t Seem to Matter

People are quick to respond in love and sympathy when a family member dies, but many truly significant losses are not recognized as such by society. In this presentation, Jennifer Cisney Ellers introduces the concept of disenfranchised grief and the many types of losses that are often unacknowledged by the world.


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