Treating Compulsive Sexual Behavioral Disorder and Infidelity

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Sexual compulsivity, including the use of pornography and infidelity, continues to devastate individuals, couples, and families. The statistics are tragically high regarding the impact of the trauma of all types of sexual betrayal. The amount of pornography viewing, with a significant increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought forth a virtual “porndemic.” The field of partner trauma informs us about the impact of discovery and disclosure of sexual infidelity, including the “PTSD” effect on partners of those involved in sexual compulsivity. Amid this crisis, there is significant help and hope for the recovery of individuals, couples, and families. Treating Compulsive Sexual Behavioral Disorder and Infidelity will provide proven, practical, and evidence-based research, as well as effective treatment planning for recovery and healthy sexuality. 

Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Analyze the foundations, etiology, and assessment of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and infidelity 
  2. Identify and analyze the trauma and impact of Compulsive Sexual Behavior on partners and families, and explore partners’ coping cycles and the different models of treating Partner Trauma 
  3. Recognize the impact of attachment, family of origin trauma, and neurochemistry on developing an intimacy disorder and Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder 
  4. Develop the principles regarding the dynamics of a proven treatment plan of trust-rebuilding recovery for couples, including how the brain gets “hijacked” and the importance of non-sexual intimacy 
  5. Analyze the proven researched-based treatment plan for disclosure of sexual infidelity 
  6. Discuss models of healthy sexuality for individuals and couples 

Presenter Biographies 

Jim Cress, M.A., is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist, and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator with Dr. Brene’ Brown’s The Daring Way Organization. For three years, he studied with and was trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of the sex addiction field. Jim specializes in counseling those struggling with sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, marital counseling, trauma, abuse, and experiential group therapy. Jim is in private practice in Matthews, NC, and is a group leader for Onsite Workshops near Nashville, TN. He led sexual addiction workshops for Bethesda Workshops in Nashville for six years. Jim is also a national conference speaker with The American Association of Christian Counselors. He leads regular weekly men’s therapy groups, and speaks at churches in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. 

Marnie Ferree, M.A., is the founder of Bethesda Workshops and has a national reputation as a leader in the field of sexual addiction. She has an active role in every workshop. In 1997, Marnie established a workshop program for female sex addicts that was the first of its kind, and today draws participants from across the United States and Canada. That program expanded in 2001 to include workshops for male sex addicts, partners, and couples and was renamed Bethesda Workshops. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT). 

Course Lesson Descriptions 

TCSB 101: Compulsive Sexual Behavior and Infidelity 101 
Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes 0 seconds

In this lesson, Jim Cress, M.A., will discuss the multifaceted issue of compulsive sexual behavior and the characteristics of addiction and infidelity. 

TCSB 102: Roots of Addictions  
Runtime: 1 hour 41 minutes 11 seconds

In this lesson, Marnie Ferree, M.A., will share her personal story and will discuss the roots of addiction. 

TCSB 103: Partners of Sexual Compulsivity  
Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes 18 seconds

In this lesson, Marnie Ferree, M.A., will discuss the impact of betrayal trauma on the partner of someone with sexual compulsivity and addiction. 

TCSB 104: Recovery 101 
Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes 11 seconds

In this lesson, Jim Cress, M.A., will discuss the healing tools for addicts and partners and how to help clients live authentically and intimately.  

TCSB 105: Couples Recovery 101  
Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes 14 seconds

In this lesson, Marnie Ferree, M.A., will discuss the models of healthy “coupleship” and the first steps couples need to take to recover. 

TCSB 106: Couples Recovery 201: Rebuilding Trust 
Runtime: 1 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds

In this lesson, Jim Cress, M.A., will discuss how to create relationship safety and trust with clients.  

TCSB 107: Family Recovery  
Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes 36 seconds

In this lesson, Marnie Ferree, M.A., will discuss the characteristics of healthy families, introduce the drama triangle, and how to talk with children about a parent’s sexual addiction. 

TCSB 108: Healthy Sexuality, Individuals, and Organizations  
Runtime: 51 minutes 3 seconds

In this lesson, Jim Cress, M.A., will discuss consent, healthy sexuality, and porn-induced sexual dysfunction. In closing, he will discuss how mental health professionals can help recognize and train healthy helpers, churches, and organizations.  

Continuing Education

11.25 CE Credits available for LPC, LMFT, LSW.

11.25 CE Credits available for IBCC Credential Holders.

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