Advanced Life Coaching (NVP)

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This course prepares participants for moving to the next level in building a successful coaching practice, finding clients, utilizing seminars and conferences, and coaching from a team perspective. Sessions also provide practical insights on creating a sense of vision and mission, learning the art of confrontation, maintaining ethical behavior, managing one’s coaching practice in an organized and effective manner, and becoming a successful and respected professional.

MLCA 101: Building a Full Coaching Schedule by Finding Clients Everywhere“How can we find clients?” is the number one question being asked. To answer this question, Dwight Bain presents a key principle, called “NETWORK,” This lecture is designed to help coaches to be able to effectively reach out those who need help.

MLCA 102: Communication Coaching: Building Your Coaching Business Through Seminars and ConferencesSpeaking in seminars, workshops, and conference will help a life coach with his/her potential clients. However, anxiety around speaking is very common. In this session, Georgia Shaffer will present a step-by-step outline on how to package an effective presentation.

MLCA 103: The Successful Coach: Managing Time and Staying OrganizedAn unorganized office space (which includes a system for dealing with your flow of information), and a lack of effective skills for managing has the potential to stunt your ability to have a successful coaching practice. This lesson identifies the obstacles of being disorganized and not being able to use your time wisely, but also offers options to overcome them as well.

MLCA 104: Coaching the CoachSkilled coaches need the courage and ability to tell their clients not what they always want to hear, but what they need to know to be successful. Before we can effectively influence our clients, however, we first want to build a solid relationship that communicates honesty and concern. This seminar addresses what strategies, when used in the initial coaching sessions, will help to build the strong connections necessary for inspiring and empowering our clients.

MLCA 105: Creating a Professional Image: Keys to Successful CoachingTo be successful as a Life Coach, you must have a polished and professional image in additional to solid coaching skills. Many great coaches fail in the marketplace because they neglect the details of their professional image and conduct allowing less skilled coaches to get the clients. This session will help you attend to the details that will assist you in succeeding with your coaching business.

MLCA 106: Team Coaching: Collaboration with Other Professionals for Effective CoachingCollaborating with strategic partnerships may mean the difference between a failed coaching practice and a successful coaching practice. The days of going it alone are almost passé as companies/businesses increase their resources by finding other like-minded business professionals to partner with.

MLCA 107: Group Coaching: Harnessing the Power of Community for Your Coaching ClientsGod created us in relationship and for relationship. God works in community. In this session, Jennifer Cisney and Georgia Shaffer will introduce group coaching. They will first present the advantages of group coaching. Then they will discuss how to create and how lead an effective group.

MLCA 108: Mission and Vision: Having a Plan for LifeThis lesson is for individuals, organizations, or anyone who may be looking to develop a mission and vision in life and how to formulate actual statements. Dr. Eric Scalise will provide insight into forming a plan for life.

MLCA 109: Coaching Through Midlife Career TransitionsThis lesson will describe a formula to help those who have been laid off or fired reposition themselves in order to become more successful. Participants will learn how, as a coach, one may teach others how to best approach career changes and move forward in a particular career.

MLCA 110: Visioning and Storyboards in CoachingMost coaches use some form of storyboard, collage or life map in working with their clients. This session offers some tools and techniques for creating a visual image to help your coaching clients define and meet their goals.

MLCA 111: The Art of Confrontation: Speaking the Truth in LoveWe are, by nature, relational and therefore may struggle when tensions or conflicts arise. This is for when we may need to confront a client ourselves or coach a client on how to confront someone. The good news is that confrontation is a skill and because it is a skill, can be learned, practiced and perfected.

MLCA 112: Advanced Ethics and Ethical Coaching DilemmasThere are many ethical dilemmas that can arise in any coaching environment. This panel will discuss some of these dilemmas and provide the participant with helpful information and key principles for ethical practice.