Estate Planning

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The Estate Planning Toolkit is a  training program tailored just for you. It includes three information-packed presentations featuring Stephen Lentz, a leading Christian attorney. This new program includes 3 video lectures, a comprehensive worktext complete with detailed notes and exams. Our goal is to help you understand the complex issues of estate planning and assist families in making important decisions before and during difficult times. This is an essential guide for counselors, pastors, caregivers, and individuals with aging loved ones

EP 101: Financial Issues of the Aging: Estate Planning Basics
This session discusses the importance of estate planning and the six basic ways to conceptualize your estate needs: having a will, doing nothing, using joint ownership, making gifts, using beneficiary transfers, and having a living trust. Through this lesson, one will learn the importance of planning as opposed to reacting.

EP 102: Legal and Medical Directives: Long-term Care
The study of long-term care covers medical, social, personal, supportive and specialized services required by individuals who have lost some ability to care for themselves due to disability or illness. This session introduces the components of long-term care and the importance of planning ahead so that individuals may maintain an optimum level of independence.

EP 103: Navigating the System: Medicare, Medigap, and Medicaid
As one ages, it is important to understand the different types of insurance programs. Medicare, Medigap, and Medicaid target specific populations and cover a variety of health related needs. There are also varying degrees of coverage under each program, and by gaining a deeper understanding of each program, a person will be able to choose which programs would best meet their health related needs.