The Nathan Project

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The Nathan Project’s mission is to develop and maintain integrity in leadership and ministry. As exemplified by the story Nathan with David in the Bible, this course is designed to help train anyone in a leadership position to become aware of areas in their life that could allow for undue temptation and eventual abuse of leadership. The Nathan Project delves into the many signs and symptoms that those in leadership may exhibit when unseen negative behaviors come to the surface and ways for leaders, church leadership, and mental health professionals to come a long side the pastor or leader in order to help maintain personal and professional integrity in ministry.

Course Lessons and Descriptions

NP 101: Leadership and Integrity: Why It Matters
Ron Hawkins, Ed.D., D.Min.

In this lecture, Dr. Ron Hawkins will discuss how the loss of integrity in ministry leadership, and the personal and professional consequences for the leader and those around the leader.

NP 102: Out of the Shadows: It’s a Matter of Character
Jim Cress, M.A.

In this lecture, Jim Cress will explain the importance of openness and honesty within the private and public life of a leader. He will expound on the need for good accountability and honest reflection from those in charge.

NP 103: The Slippery Slope of Leadership: Abuse and How to Avoid It
Jeff Mattson, M.A. and Terra Mattson, M.A.

In this lecture, leadership coaches Jeff and Terra Mattson unpack the reality of how abuse of leadership unknowingly can creep into a leader's life and what safeguards and practices leaders can develop to avoid it.

NP 104: Common Risk Factors in Leadership
Jeff Mattson, M.A. and Terra Mattson, M.A.

When a leader lives and leads with integrity, everyone in their wake serves to benefit. But, when a leader does not live or lead with integrity, everyone in their wake serves to suffer. In this lecture, leadership coaches Jeff and Terra Mattson will discuss 10 symptoms of common risk factors of leadership.

NP 105: Power and Control: Recipe for Disaster
Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

Current events in both the secular and professional worlds have exposed the problem of the abuse of power and the deception that both accompanies it and keeps it hidden. It is critical for those in non-leadership roles and those who work with leaders to understand power and how it is abused, as well as both deception of self and of others. In this session, Dr. Diane Langberg will also consider the impact of these things on the Church and ways to both think about and respond to them.

NP 106: Power and Pulpit: Harmed by the Shepherd
Shannae Anderson, Ph.D.

In this lecture, Dr. Shannae Anderson will explain the real damage that a person in ministry leadership can cause when that position is abused. Dr. Anderson will explain how trauma can affect a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

NP 107: Power and Pulpit: The Road to Healing
Shannae Anderson, Ph.D.

In this lecture, Dr. Shannae Anderson will continue addressing abuse of leadership in a ministry setting and give practical tools for how those in ministry and in the counseling profession should interact with the someone who has been hurt by someone in ministry leadership and how to start them on a road to a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

NP 108: The High Road: Earning and Maintaining the Right to Lead
Jay Strack, D.Min.

For more than four decades Dr. Jay Strack has shared his personal story of overcoming poverty, abuse, broken homes, and drug addiction. No stranger to personal adversity, Jay believes, “There is always a way,” and his life mission is to create and facilitate innovative faith-based solutions to bring about transformational leadership for this generation. In this lesson, Dr. Strack will summarize The Nathan Project and discuss earning the right to lead and maintaining the right to lead.